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isotretinoin order What is Critical Defense Training?

company website Four classes that will help you survive dangerous situations,

amitriptyline overdose uk even when the attacker chooses the time and place.

Which program path is right for you? Select from “A” or “B” classes, depending on your level of skill and comfort.

Critical Defense “A” Classes – Focus on the basics

“I want to protect what’s most important to me, my family”

I’d like to learn more

Critical Defense “B” Classes – Ramp up the stress

“This is sheepdog 101. I’m ready to take the fight to the enemy!”

Lets get after it!

Who benefits from this training?

  • You, your family, and friends
  • Administrators, managers, and employees
  • Private armed and unarmed security, school resource officials, non-tactical first responders
  • Sport shooters, concealed weapons carriers, and all responsible gun owners
  • Church leaders, church security staff, members of the church